Tuesday, June 22, 2010

tensegrity tetrahelix

Here are some images of a tetrahelix made with a tensegrity structure.  The basic structure is what is often referred to as v-expander modules (not sure of their origin..).

The tetrahedron modules were assembled by a mirror and rotation transformation, in an attempt to make the structure more random (but it doesn't appear to have worked.  the next model will be made up of regular 'boat' modules (blocks of 3 tetrahedrons).

suspended over the pool at our house.

looking down roughly on axis

a close up of the tendon used to stress the structure.  the orange tendon holds the form together, cut the tendon and the form collapses, analogous with deflating a tyre.  as a note tensegrity and pneumatics are conceptually very similar.

a basic v-expander module, rational and very beautiful - to my eyes anyway.

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